Darrell Waltrip’s man crush on Kyle Busch has spilled over from the television screen to foxsports.com, where he writes in a column, "I saw Dale Earnhardt when he was at his best; I saw Richard Petty, David Pearson, Cale Yarborough, Bobby Allison and Jeff Gordon all when they were at their best. I raced against them when they were at their best, so trust me when I say I know talent. I have to tell you, though: None of them were as good as Kyle."

Waltrip writes that if Busch does reach 200 career wins on the Cup, Nationwide and Truck series, it will be an even more impressive feat than Richard Petty’s 200.

Writes Waltrip:

When the series would go on the northern tour for a couple of weeks, (Petty) would run something like 14 races both on dirt and on asphalt on little half-mile tracks. They would run 100- to 150-mile races. Now folks, this isn’t a knock on The King, but Kyle winning the kind of races he is right now is more impressive to me than what anybody has done. Compare the quality of Kyle’s wins to the quality of everybody else’s from the past, and his are far and away a lot more impressive.

Waltrip then files papers to adopt Busch:

But see, here’s the thing that is most striking to me about Kyle: He simply refuses to lose. He never gives up. Kyle loves to win, but he hates to lose even more.

In all fairness to DW, he is not alone in his praise.

David Newton of espn.com: "Right now he’s the best 24-year-old driver on the planet. One day he may be the best ever."

Steve Kaminski of The Grand Rapids Press: "I have never seen anyone come along with more talent than the Las Vegas native, who turned 24 on Saturday."

Dennis Michelson of racetalkradio.com: "There is no doubt that Kyle Busch is on the verge of rewriting the history books once again."

Chris Symeon of The Sports Network: "Whether you like him or not, Kyle Busch is NASCAR’s star driver right now."

Me? I think Busch is the best thing that could happen to the sport right now. He has loads of talent. In the tradition of pro wrestling, he is a complete heel. He has a hot girlfriend, which is always a bonus. If he wins, he infuriates the haters. If he loses, he brings them joy. The way he drives is exciting. The words he chooses to say are interesting.

The Cup series without Kyle Busch would be golf without Tiger Woods or basketball without LeBron James. Many of us would still watch, but we would not tune in with the thought that we might see something great at any moment. That’s why we watch Tiger and LeBron, because they have mastered their crafts, and because they thrill. Busch is beginning to reach that level.

And now I’m starting to sound like Darrell Waltrip.