In the lead-up to last year’s Daytona 500 people couldn’t stop talking about Danica Fever, but a small pothole between turns 1 and 2 became the story of the race. The pothole delayed the action for more than two hours as officials attempted to repair it. This off-season the track spent over twenty million to repave the surface. What ever happened to that Pothole? Where is he now?  

We caught up with the Pothole to talk about being a NASCAR fan, his 15 minutes of fame and what it’s like to be a pothole in Kim Kardashian’s driveway.

AllLeftTurns Reporter:
Why did you ruin The Great American Race in 2010?

Pothole: As a pothole, you don’t have any control over where you end up. Sometimes you’re assigned to be a small hole on Jefferson St. or a deep crevasse in the mall parking lot… and sometimes you end up on the track during the Daytona 500. I was simultaneously pumped and crushed to be on the track. I’m a big NASCAR fan.

ALT Reporter: Who’s your favorite driver?

Pothole: I’ve been a Hamlin fan since I was just a sidewalk crack. I was pretty disappointed he was disqualified in Saturday’s Budweiser Shootout. Denny beat Kurt Busch fair and square. Now I’m hoping to show up Sunday as a person-sized hole in Busch’s pit box.

ALT Reporter: If you’re not in the race on Sunday, will you watch the race?

Pothole: Oh yeah. When I’m not working, I watch the races with friends like the Pothole
from the June Pocono race, the sinkhole from Charlotte Speedway and the black hole that swallowed Darrell Waltrip’s modesty. While we root for different drivers, all us ‘holes have a soft spot for Kyle Busch, because he’s an a-hole.

ALT Reporter: Were you able to parlay your fame into any other TV appearances?

Pothole: After the race, I spent three episodes as a pothole on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, but I was fired after the producers realized I was the only one with any depth on the show.

ALT Reporter: Any predictions on how this year will turn out?

Pothole: I think RCR will have another strong year, Carl Edwards will excel in his contract year, Spring rains will bring plenty of great pothole opportunities and Brad Keselowski should be asked to perform all driver introductions on the circuit.