Did Not Finish? How About Did Not Win?

Clint Bowyer has been running at the finish of 80 consecutive Sprint Cup series races (that’s him, not finishing, above). Yawn. Bowyer’s streak leads all active drivers and is just one — just one! — behind the record held by his teammate, Kevin Harvick. Yeah, whatever.

You’d have to look long and hard to find another more idiotic or inconsequential statistic in all of sports. Aside from the fact that it allows for a car to crap out on Lap 1, undergo repairs and then return to the track for the final lap and, thus, register as "running" at the finish, Harvick’s and Bowyer’s combined 161 races have produced four wins. Four. 

And by the way? In exactly none of his three straight championship-winning seasons did Jimmie Johnson manage to finish every race. Call me crazy, but for some reason I think the number three to the right of Johnson’s name is just a wee bit more significant than 80. Or even 81.