Hey, kids!

Sunday was FOX’s last televised race and its last cartoon with lovable mascot Digger. Digger is pretty sad about this being his last race of the season and has taken matters into his own hands. Color in these drawings that depict Digger’s untimely demise! Let’s go!

Digger in Matt Kenseth’s pit box
Digger, you little rascal! Can you find Digger in this picture? It looks like a despondent Digger has crawled inside a gas can that’s about to be injected into the fuel tank of Kenseth’s 750-horsepower engine. Digger, we’re going to miss you so much!


Rowdy’s biggest fan
Go Rowdy, go! Digger loves scampering down onto the track to see his favorite drivers. Digger, you know better than to wander out on the track. Those cars go close to 200 mph!

Digger visits Kasey Kahne’s tiger cage

Uh-oh, without a race next weekend, it looks like Digger went searching for some fun and burrowed into Kasey Kahne’s tiger cage! Look out, Digger, those tigers are hungry!

Digger time-travel suicide

David Hill, the FOX executive who created Digger, also created such incredible inventions as the glowing puck for NHL games and Scooter, the animated baseball, for baseball broadcasts. He’s a genius for things people don’t want to see! Just like Mr. Hill, Digger is also an inventor. Digger built a time machine. But time traveling to England, circa 1536, dressed as Henry VIII’s wife was probably not his best idea.

We have a blown right-front Digger

Dover was FOX’s last broadcast. After drinking several tall boys of "gopher brew," Digger wandered into Dale Jr.’s pit box looking for a quiet spot to nap.  It looks like Dale Jr. is going to take Digger for a spin!

These are merely a few of the ways Digger will meet his maker. What are your suggestions?

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