Duck Commander: Win, Lose or Draw

(Photo: Chris Graythen, Getty Images for Texas Motor Speedway)



Apparently, everything is bigger in Texas, including the rainstorms.

Monday’s Duck Commander 500 features several exciting events and reasons to be frustrated about how those events transpired. Here’s a Bert Convy inspired breakdown.

Win: Ford

In 2013, Ford won three Sprint Cup races. In 2014, Ford has won three of seven Sprint Cup races with three different drivers.

There’s reason for additional optimism. Sprint Cup fans know Brad Keselowksi can win a Sprint Cup. Sprint Cup fans know Carl Edwards can contend for a Sprint Cup. Now Sprint Cup fans can fairly argue Joey Logano is fulfilling his potential as a potential title contender.

Furthermore, Aric Almirola and Ricky Stenhouse Jr. both have shown flashes of growth. This might even be reason for Jack Roush to smile.


Exciting race? Check. Huge sponsors with a big cable TV show? Check. Race moved to Monday when most people are working? Check. Indirect competition from Wrestlemania? Yes! Yes! Yes!

There’s nothing NASCAR can do about the weather, but it’s tough to have distinctive opportunities like this washed away.  It’s still frustrating, especially with seven different winners in seven different races. Sprint Cup fans have been blessed with a great season so far. More casual fans should be watching.

Draw: Hendrick Motorsports

It was a short afternoon for Dale Earnhardt Jr. and an underwhelming drive for Jimmie Johnson. Under the new points system, this isn’t a big deal.

But as teams spend more time thinking about wins and less time thinking about strong finishes, something big is brewing. Just as basketball or football teams can’t turn on a magic button and get ready for the playoffs, can Sprint Cup teams turn on a button and start just racing for points? Wins will still matter in the Chase, but one bad finish will wreck your chances.

How easy or difficult is it to start racing for points? I think this subject matter will be a great point of discussion as we move into the Chase. Hendrick Motorsports can afford this accident. It won’t be able to six months from now.

The good news is a Monday race doesn’t seem likely next week, with Darlington hosting the first Saturday night race of the 2014 Sprint Cup Season. Enjoy the Lady in Black, and insert a random catchphrase here.