Virginian-Pilot reporter Dustin Long scored a one-on-one interview with NASCAR chairman Brian France on Sunday before the Dickies 500 at Texas Motor Speedway. Long asked France about television coverage, the car and the Chase. Long recently caused a little trouble with his Frankly Speaking series in which he asked Larry McReynolds, Jimmy Spencer and Kyle Petty to let loose on what’s wrong with the sport. Among the highlights of the France interview:

  • France said TV broadcasters should shut their traps when it comes to criticizing NASCAR and act like the robots who call the action in other sports. In so many words.
  • France does not watch ABC telecasts of the races – at least, he did not last week. He did not speak with ABC/ESPN regarding its (some would say lackluster) coverage of the race at Talladega.
  • France said what the NFL has going for it is "storylines," and that is what the Sprint Cup lacks. He did not mention competition, which is what many fans say the sport lacks.
  •  There will be no changes to the car in the Cup Series. So, that thing everyone hates? It’s going to stay the same.

Read the whole interview here. Props to Long for bringing much-needed attention to the sport’s issues this season. Keep up the good work.