Earlier this year All Left Turns received a box of AMP Energy gear to do with as we pleased. We gave most of it away (remember this handsome jacket?) but kept a few pieces like this die-cast car. Surely, we thought, Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s fortunes will improve and we will be able to sell this fine piece of merchandise on eBay for thousands and thousands of dollars – or at least enough to get Dan Farkas out of Fake Debtor’s Prison. No such luck. With no turnaround in sight – in spite of the wishful thinking of some – we offer you a chance to win this wonderful toy in another one of our patented prediction contests. 

Please go to the All Left Turns Facebook page, find the post regarding this contest, and predict where Junior will qualify for this Sunday’s Sprint Cup race in Loudon in the comments. Whoever comes the closest wins the prize. Ties shall be resolved by putting all winners’ names in a hat. Impartial hat draw will be conducted by my office-mate Matt, who is a Jimmie Johnson fan, but do not hold that against him.

The specs on the car: It’s an RCCA Club Car, with certificate of authority, that is a 1:24 scale die-cast replica of the No. 88 AMP Energy/National Guard 2009 Chevrolet. It is one of 1,500. It is awesome.