Dale Earnhardt Jr. fans have had plenty of reasons to get well-hydrated this season. Now they have a new instrument to help them forget a less-than-memorable 2009. This 64-ounce moonshine still dispenser, adorned with the No. 88, is now available for your favorite (probably adult) beverage.

The moonshine still dispenser conforms to the size of most mason jars, which those with an affinity for making illegal alcohol tend to use as part of their concoction crafting. The $48 of discretionary income gone wrong even includes a copper finish. (Please don’t try and melt it down for scrap; the renegade copper market isn’t what it once was.)

For those who think the entire product might be a great inside joke, let me assure you it is not. The 64-ounce moonshine still dispenser (it really is fun to type) is available through Amazon Prime, which means free two-day shipping. Also, there is only a four percent discount on this bastion of home décor. And what is most amazing/odd/borderline WTF – only four of the 64-ounce moonshine still dispensers are available. Hurry now. Unlike Junior this season, they’re going fast. (Sorry. Couldn’t resist.)

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