Elliott Sadler Weighs In On Jimmy Watts

This Jimmy Watts thing, it’s just the gift that keeps on giving. You might think our fascination with his idiocy should have run its course by now. Four days on, however, his split-second stupidity remains a veritable fount of material; on this Thursday, we can thank Elliott Sadler for revitalizing this sucker (that’s Sadler, above, in the No. 38, doing what God never intended in a Cup car). Had Elliott muttered a simple eh, let’s move on already yesterday, I’d have nothing.

But, no. Instead, when he was asked to share his thoughts about L’Affaire du Webb during a tire test at Darlington, Sadler said this about NASCAR’s decision to sanction Webb:

"I honestly thought it was going to be for the season … Pit road is a non-play area. NASCAR has always reminded us about pit road and the safety of our crew members. You don’t cross that line."

The apparent glee that some drivers — first, Matt Kenseth and now Sadler — take in reminding Watts that what he did was not smart says more about the drivers than it does Watts. Pit road is a non-play area? Well, thanks ever so much for clearing that up. I was confused.

For the love of Pete, does Sadler or anyone at this stage of the game honestly believe that Jimmy Watts isn’t acutely aware of the severe idiocy of what he did? Suspend him for the season? Seriously? I have yet to read or be given any decent explanation of what ultimate purpose might be served by any severe punishment; the closest anyone with NASCAR came to justifying the decision to suspend Watts for four races was to make an example of him. 

Right. And the death penalty is an effective deterrent.