Who is Brian Vickers’ girlfriend? Vickers answered that question in a very public way on July 11 at Chicagoland Speedway when he invited SPEED TV motocross reporter Erin Bates to stand with him on the grid prior to the start of the 400. The two have been photographed together at various events and, not to get all grandma on you, they make a cute couple. He is 25. She is 31. Usually a six-year age differential swings the other way for pro athletes, so props to Vickers for going against the grain.

Vickers and Bates at Chicagoland Speedway
Bates joined SPEED’s AMA Supercross broadcast team for the 2006-07 season as a pit reporter. Her career in motorcycle racing began as a trophy girl in the International Freestyle Motocross Association. She also has done some modeling.




Since 2003, Bates has been the in-stadium live announcer for Supercross and has been a pit reporter for AMA Supermoto and AMA Motocross.

Bates, who was born in Canada, was a pharmacist’s technician, an insurance agent and sold advertising before becoming a Miss Freestyle at moto events. That position paved the way for her announcing gig.




Racer X did a solid interview with Bates. Check out the article here.


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