ESPN vs. FOX, May the Best Analyst Win!

One man’s treasure is another man’s trash: Larry McReynolds says Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Jeff Burton don’t need to panic yet. David Newton begs to differ. 

In the grand scheme of things, that you have public voices for two of NASCAR’s broadcast TV partners saying completely different things probably isn’t of any great consequence. But, well, for whatever reason, I thought this was funny:

In the blue corner, you have FOX’s Larry McReynolds who is here to tell you that it’s early yet, we’re still only two races in, there’s a lot of racing left and now is not the time for Dale Earnhardt Jr. or Jeff Burton to panic about making the Chase.

And in the red and orange corner, you’ve got’s David Newton, who tells us in no uncertain terms and without a doubt that now is definitely the time for Junior and Burton, among others, to starts pushing the panic button. 

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