And they say NASCAR fans are nuts. In this video (after the jump), a man dressed for the Renaissance Fair runs onto the track and into 160 mph traffic at a Formula 1 race. The man is carrying two white signs, which are unreadable, as it appears that he wrote on them with a white marker. Brilliant plan, mate.

Crazy Man Runs Onto F1 Track – Watch more Funny Videos

This video began popping up online a few days ago, but the incident actually occurred in 2003 and the man on the track is – of all things – a former Catholic priest. According to the BBC, the "rev-erend" father (God Bless the Brits) was jailed for two months after running on the track at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. Cornelius "Neil" Horan’s unreadable placards said "Read the Bible" and "The Bible is Always Right." 

The BBC reports: "The 56-year-old said he had not planned to carry out the protest, but he had seen an open gate leading to the track and thought it was a sign from God. The prosecution pointed out that he had arrived at the track with a placard and a change of clothing."

I am not sure why this video is appearing online now. Still, it’s pretty entertaining, especially when the man is dragged through the grass in tights. There’s something you won’t see happen at Bristol on Saturday.


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