For those who thought Travis Kvapil was a sleeper, or that Dario Franchitti could make the move over from Open Wheel Racing, or that there was no way your last round pick would be suspected of using meth, there is a new product that might make Geico folks a little envious.

Fantasy Sports Insurance (FYI, there are some nasty injury pics for those with queasy stomachs or those who like to see nasty injury pics) aims to "Return your financial investment in your fantasy league, should your key player(s) suffer a season changing injury." Their website quotes a reporter who suggested the Tom Brady knee shredding costs fantasy football players $150 million last season.

That needs to be typed again. $150,000,000. Not Pesos. Not Canadian dollars. Not whatever currency they use in Guatemala. Big boy American dollars. That’s, like, 16 Euros in this economy.

The NASCAR section of the page is currently under construction, with more detailed information promised soon. While everyone waits for soon to become now, let’s ponder why NASCAR has yet to tap into the fantasy sports cash bonanza. A weekly sport with crazed fans is easier to follow than the slow burn of a baseball season. Yet fantasy NASCAR pales in numbers to MLB.

This makes no sense. The more people wager on a sporting event, the more interesting the event becomes. And since gambling on racing is really tough, it would seem fantasy teams would be the best way to generate interest in races, especially for those drivers that fail to make The Chase. With no indication of a change in the points structure any time soon, fantasy NASCAR is a great way to stay engaged with the sport. Now if we could only get Travis Kvapil a sponsor.