Without a Sprint Cup Race this weekend, many racing fans will desperately try to fill the void left in their weekend. In the absence of a race, a NASCAR fan might be forced to complete household chores or visit in-laws. While drivers take the off-week to hit nightclubs and host vacation get-aways, NASCAR fans need to steel themselves for a weekend without Dale Jr., Jimmie, Denny and company.

Surviving a NASCAR off-weekend is possible, just follow one of these carefully prescribed solutions (as a bonus you may even evade cleaning out the gutters this weekend).

Baby Racing may not have the fury of Bristol, but racing tiny tikes will provide that needed rush of adrenaline. When choosing babies to race, the trick is to find a spry baby that you don’t own (try a friend’s baby, relative or any baby that wanders into your yard), that way you get to enjoy the baby without the diaper and feeding responsibilities.

You don’t want one of those easily distracted babies that will chase after anything shiny. You need a baby that will ferociously pursue a rattle, blankie or the family dog. The baby you race needs to keep it’s eye on the prize.

A normal person finds relaxation in a calm and gentle place like a forest or yoga studio. NASCAR fans crave the roar of the engines and the smell of gasoline in order to relax. This weekend, NASCAR fans can put their mind at ease without a race by simulating the race track. Go to a local airport, get down onto the tarmac where the planes take off and breath deep in the relax sound of jet engines.

The Tour De France is an athletic feat where 180 men ride the equivalent of a marathon every day for 21 straight days. This would be amazing if it wasn’t so boring to watch. The Tour De France has all the makings of a good race; there are helicopter cameras, ladies award trophies and no commentary by Darrell Waltrip. To get that NASCAR feel, tape the tour de france and then watch it by fast forwarding.

Fight off stop thoughts of Turn 2 at Talladega or what Kevin Harvick is up to right now. It will only make it more painful when you realize that there is no race. You’ve got to quit cold turkey. Besides, the the answer is simple. Harvick is spending the weekend in his shed plotting revenge on Kyle Busch.

Only as a last resort should you turn to the Nationwide race in Nashville. The Nationwide is a fine series and the Truck race supplied plenty of fireworks. The reason to stay away is to prevent the burning sensation in your eyes from seeeing another mile-and-half oval with no character.

This race would be a must see if the race was held at the old Nashville Fairgrounds, but alas (although you can still catch local wrestling at the arena in the same compound as the Fairgrounds).

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