The fourth installment of the Final Destination franchise, called The Final Destination, opens in theaters August 28. This time around death has wrapped his icy grip around the steering wheel of a bloodthirsty stock car.

The premise of each Final Destination movie is similar. Even though you have a friend who can see one minute into the future, which helps you avoid imminent death, you will eventually be killed, if not by a 180 mph Goodyear to the face, then a few days later while getting your car washed. In the trailer (posted beneath the jump) four young adults narrowly escape death in the stands of a stock car race. (The track in the movie has all the modern charms and safety features of a 1970s-era Soviet public housing complex.) NASCAR, for obvious reasons, did not lend its license to the film, but the idea is that the friends face immediate danger at a NASCAR race. (Which is totally not believable. The ruddy-cheeked foursome is dressed for a Jonas Brothers concert. Where are the beers, tattoos and the Dale Jr. T-shirts?) A piece of metal debris falls onto the track – no peanut shell cautions in this flick – and this sets off a chain of events that culminate in the track’s explosion.

The film is directed by former stunt man David R. Ellis. Ellis directed what is considered the best of the Final Destination movies, Final Destination 2. More importantly Ellis directed the most important movie of our time, Snakes on a Plane. Ellis, who made movie gold by filming a thing that can hurt people (snakes) in a place where there are people (on a plane), dips into his old bag of tricks by putting race cars in the stands. I can only pray that Darrell Waltrip makes a cameo in which he goes all Samuel L. Jackson and yells, “I have had it with these motherfucking cars in these motherfucking stands!”

The highlight for race and movie fans is that the film will be shown in 3D, which is always cool.

THE Final Destination Trailer – Watch more Funny Videos


For fun, I thought I would share these. The following are the rejected headlines for this post: “RIP Tonight,” “Texas NASCAR Massacre,” “Silence of the Fans,” “Christine makes Sprint Cup Debut,” “The Ballad of Deadly Bobby,” “28 Laps Later” and “Cars in the Stands.”