It’s been a tough year for you, NASCAR, but it could be worse. You could be Formula 1. Two-time world champion Fernando Alonso said Friday that F1 was "finished" following the announcement that eight of the circuit’s top ten teams will break away and form their own series in 2010. The teams have called off negotiations with F1 chief Max Mosley, a man best known to Americans as the European motorsports boss who took part in a Nazi orgy. (See, NASCAR, I told you it could be worse.)

The eight teams, which go by the name Formula One Teams Association, were frustrated by Mosley’s attempts to make them tighten their belts through a voluntary budget cap that Mosley wanted in place in order to prevent a "financial arms race." Neither side budged.

This is ironic because Mosley usually prefers belt-loosening over belt-tightening.

This is ironic because submission appears to be one of Mosley’s specialties.

One more.

This is ironic because Mosley does not believe in budget caps when it comes to paying Nazi whores.

Video of the guy who put the F in F1 below

Formula 1 is ‘finished’ – Alonso (BBC)