Our long, national nightmare continues. Re: Jeremy Mayfield case. Scene Daily reports that NASCAR chairman Brian France has submitted documents to U.S. District Court that his lawyers say will prove that France’s primary residence is in the state of Florida. Earlier this year in North Carolina state court, in another case (how many cases does he have going?), France claimed he was both a resident of Florida and North Carolina. That case involved former in-laws living in a house France owned in North Carolina. One day before suspended driver Jeremy Mayfield’s preliminary injunction hearing in state court, the case was moved to federal court at NASCAR’s request. The move delayed the preliminary injunction hearing by a month. Per Scene Daily:

Mayfield claims in the filing that France can’t consider himself a resident of North Carolina for that case to be heard in state court and then not be a resident of North Carolina in order to have the Mayfield case heard in federal court.

I am no lawyer, so I can’t tell you the long-term strategy here. (Maybe some of you smart commenters can.) What I do know is that Mayfield’s attorneys have managed to keep this story in the news during the Sprint Cup’s banquet week in Las Vegas, which is a PR blow. Also, it is clear that NASCAR wants this case tried in federal court, so it only stands to reason that Mayfield’s legal team thinks it has a better shot in state court, where perhaps precedent is on its side. Also, it seems, the longer and louder this case gets, the better for Mayfield, who seemingly has nothing to lose at this point.

France at the Chase dinner in September 2006
Brian France submits primary residence documents in Jeremy Mayfield case (Scene Daily)
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