Fun With Numbers (Jeff Gordon version)

24 burnout at IMS

He’s just one week in front of his 43rd birthday, and Jeff Gordon is still making history. Check this out:

With his victory at the famed Indianapolis Brickyard, Jeff Gordon has 90 career wins. Only Richard Petty (200) and David Pearson (105) have more in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.

The victory also gives Gordon five at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, putting him alongside legendary Formula One driver Michael Schumacher.

Jeff Gordon NASCAR’s first Cup race at Indy in 1994, their 10th race in 2004, and their 20th in 2014. This is Gordon’s first win at the track in a decade.

Beyond history, this is Gordon’s second victory of 2014. In a highly competitive season that has seen 11 races winners, Gordon only trails Jimmie Johnson and Brad Keselowski. His consistency currently gives the four-time champion the NSCS the lead in points.

The number five also has another significance for Gordon fans. One more championship would give the Indiana native by way of California would give The Rainbow Warrior five, trailing only Petty (7), Dale Earnhardt (7), and Johnson (6.)

The world of sports is replete with legends who tarnished their legacies by hanging on too long. Names such as Brett Favre, Willie Mays and even Michael Jordan (remember his ride with the Wizards?) Even NASCAR champions like Richard Petty, Darrell Waltrip and Bobby Labonte weren’t immune. Gordon hit some lean years in 2009 ans 2010, and he certainly hasn’t put up the jaw-dropping totals of seasons such as 1998, when the driver Earnhardt called “Wonder Boy” collected 13 wins, in today’s competitive environment, Gordon is holding up quite well. Is the Drive For Five truly alive? Trying to forecast that now would be a fool’s speculation. Here’s what we do know: Jeff Gordon lacks nothing- certainly not the competitive fire- to make more racing history.