The video game convention Gamescon is taking place in Germany this week. While Polyphony Digital, maker of forthcoming Gran Turismo 5, did not take part in the PlayStation 3 press conference, it did mark the occasion by updating the Japanese version of its Web site with new information about GT5, which will feature NASCAR. IGN reports that bloggers have translated Polyphony’s Japanese language Web site pages and have discovered:

"There will be 1,000 vehicles in the game, 60 courses, full physics-based realtime deformation damage on all cars with 170 of them also incorporating interior damage, a completely new physics system (with possible rollovers), an online replay album, YouTube support for uploading replays, custom soundtracks, and the return of Gran Turismo TV. One other curious note is that the PlayStation Eye can be used as a full 3D head tracking system, which would mean that not only does it track movement left and right, but forward and back as well, resulting in the ability to move your in-car view left, right, forward and back."

No release date has been announced. But the rumor mill – very recently – seems to indicate a 2009 release.

Bottom line: It sounds like this is going to be one excellent game.

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