The Coca-Cola 600 was marred by several rain delays, including one that caused the race to be moved from Sunday to Monday and another that prematurely ended the race. The action at the track, and the television coverage, was CNN-Jack-Cafferty-level boring. But as a wet Ashley Judd and countless sports fans and athletes have taught us in the past, rain can enhance – instead of eliminate – the joy of sports.

Elvis has entered the baseball field

Elvis at Wrigley Rain Delay – Watch more Funny Videos

"Thank you, thank you very much. I’m the King. The King likes slipping. And The King likes sliding. And when The King can put that magic combo together for the good people of Chicago, bubba, you better believe a little old thing like the law ain’t gonna stop him. Hey security guy, get me a hot dog, man."

Tarp eats grounds crew guy

When Colorado Rockies groundskeeper Keros Johnson became trapped in the middle of an out-of-control, wind-blown tarp, Shane Victorino and other members of the opposing Philadelphia Phillies came to his rescue. "I felt like we needed to help, just in case," Victorino said. At one point the wind whipped a groundskeeper 10 feet into the air. It was a great moment in sportsmanship. This same Phillies team would go on to win the World Series a year later in 2008.

‘Adam from Milwaukee’

During a rain delay in 2006, Cincinnati Reds outfielder Adam Dunn called into a sports talk show to ask the host if he still had his shirt on. Dunn does a dead-on impersonation of a 15-year-old fan.
You got served


Baseball players from UConn and South Florida kill time during a rain delay with a surprisingly competitive dance competition. It’s like "Bring it On" meets "Bull Durham."
Cardinals prospect Casey Mulligan entertains fans during a rain delay by dancing – and I use that word loosely – to Michael Jackson’s Thriller.
Other notable moments in rain-delay history:
Tennis player Jelena Jankovic is confused by umbrellas
Atlanta Braves fans get their courage up and storm the field
The Baltimore Orioles radio guys leave during a rain delay and never come back
Jonathan Papelbon of the Boston Red Sox blames it on the rain