Will Stewart Win His Way In?

Stewart is back

“You could put four wheels and a steering wheel on a cockroach and he could drive it, and WIN with it.”- Mike Joy, FOX Announcer on Tony Stewart

What if I told you I thought Tony Stewart would launch himself into the Chase with a win at Richmond Saturday? Is that crazy thinking?

Nah, I didn’t think so either. When you look at the evidence, the history of Tony Stewart at Richmond, there’s a darn good chance he will be hoisting a trophy Saturday night.

It’s not like he needs another. The driver once dubbed the “Rushville Rocket” already has three to his credit. In fact, it was at this three-quarter mile track where Stewart won his first race in 1999. While he hasn’t won here of late, a look at the last years shows him with a solid finishing average of 12.5, in spite of an average start of 22.8. The man know how to gain ground in Virginia’s capitol. Among active drivers, the Hoosier ranks sixth in driver rating for this track.

Before you start saying this is the wishful thinking of a fanboy, keep in mind yours truly has often been critical of Stewart. In this humble opinion, he can be hypocritical sometimes in his assessment of the way other drivers race. At times, his snarky manner with the media is warranted; it often isn’t. It all has a way making a person forget that Tony Stewart is generous almost to a fault, and he’s not afraid to speak the truth, no matter who unpopular his viewpoint may be.

Never mind how therapeutic a win would be for a man obviously very affected by the Kevin Ward Jr. incident in upstate New York. Never mind the impact this would have on his dormant championship hopes. Champions find ways to win. Much like his idol, AJ Foyt, Tony Stewart is a racer’s racer; sprint cars, Indy cars, go karts, lawn mowers, you name it- Stewart could win a snail race. No matter what he may be thinking, the three-time champion is hard-wired for winning.

Why not now?