Oh, man. Just when you thought Hendrick Motorsports’ domination of the Sprint Cup Series could not get more hyperbolic, now comes the story of Richie Parker, a chassis engineer who was born without arms. Childress, Penske, Roush and Gibbs – you’re getting your clocks cleaned by a guy who types with his feet. And what a hell of a guy he is.


Parker, 26, graduated from Clemson in 2005. He applied for a job with NASCAR’s diversity program, landed a 10-week internship with Hendrick and was hired full-time. He designs components and performs mechanical inspections – all while typing and moving the mouse with his feet. Parker, who is 5 feet tall, can jack up cars on his own and has learned to weld. He restores old Chevies in his spare time.

"I think NASCAR’s like any other place," Parker said. "You come in and you work hard, and prove that you’re there to do your job and help the team win, and that’s what it’s all about. That’s what it’s all about to me, and I think that’s how everyone approaches it that I work with."


Disability no roadblock for NASCAR engineer (AP)