Hey, Robby Gordon: Second Place is Still First Loser!

Last weekend, Robby Gordon finished second in the SCORE Trophy-Truck class of the Baja 250, an off-road race in Mexico’s Baja California desert. Or maybe he didn’t. Turns out, Mr. Gordon might have kind of, you know … cheated just a wee bit.

According to a press release at DirtNews.com, "several top racing teams" filed a protest against Gordon, saying that he took a four-mile shortcut in order to pass fellow competitor Ed Herbst, who claims to have witnessed the apparently amoral Gordon’s gutless maneuver.

Now, short of definitive proof that the tire tracks supposedly found in the off-limits area could only have come from Gordon’s car, only he knows for certain whether he’s a cheating dog. But, if he did skank his way to second, there’s something I just don’t quite understand: what’s gained by finishing second and not third? Last time I checked, second place was still first loser…