Let’s try this again. Last week I posted a parody of the movie Downfall in which Hitler goes bonkers after his Sprint Cup team fails to make the Chase. What I did not realize was that, in order to read the subtitles that are the funniest part of the video, you need to hit play, then hit the "Turn on Captions" button on the bottom right-hand side of the video. I already had the captions activated, but most readers did not. (Thanks to Screen Junkies for pointing this out.) After learning that I posted this video without telling readers how they could enjoy it, I looked a little like the guy in the photo above. I have re-posted the video as well as the original story after the jump. Remember to hit play and THEN Turn on Captions to see the subtitles.

OK, there are roughly a million sports parodies of the movie Downfall. Thank goodness someone finally got around to making one for NASCAR. Like all Downfall parodies, Hitler is given a piece of bad news. In this case Hitler’s Sprint Cup team (sponsored by Volkswagen?) has been mathematically eliminated from the top 12. The Fuhrer is very disappointed with his team’s performance and he lets them have it. The captioning to the video appears to have been written by someone who knows a little something about NASCAR. Note the excellent Dale Earnhardt Jr. merchandising reference.


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