Hump Day and Link Dump: Each Is a Good Thing

As of now, Danica Patrick (that would be her, above) has absofreakinglutely nothing to do with NASCAR. A) That will change if I have anything to say about it. B) I don’t care — NASCAR needs her, no matter how many tattoos she has.

A look at some links:

* It may be Wednesday, but at least a few sites can’t let go of California; this one says Matt Kenseth won a snoozer … and this one has some suggestions for how to improve things at California.
* Sure, California was bad, but just wait. This guy has a novel theory on why things have been boring — and why that might not change.
* Is he the best? debates the relative merits of Kyle Busch.
* Don’t you just know Kenseth’s going to win 36 straight!
* Meet the man who will be Michael Waltrip Racing’s salvation — no, really!