It’s Tuesday Morning, Do You Know Where Your Link Dump Is?

Honestly, I’m still reeling from Monday night’s stunning developments on The Bachelor: After The Rose Ceremony (Part 1!); really, how could Jason do that to poor Melissa? Is that the kind of message he wants to send to Tye? Really?

* According to this AP story, Kurt Busch has no voodoo doll of brother Kyle hidden away. Honest!
* argues that the Week 3 Vegas race makes the Week 2 California race look terrible by comparison.
* throws caution to the wind, arguing that it’s too early to crown Kyle Busch.
* Among other things, thinks Jeff Gordon could be on his way to a special season.
* So, The Sports Network? These guys totally agree with me, only they say so in way more words!
* Like most of the rest of the motorsports world, the Detroit Free Press beats a path to Kyle Busch’s door.