The Jack-booted Thugs of the IRS Nail Larry McClure


So Larry McClure, co-owner of the dearly-departed No. 4 Kodak team that won 14 races, including three Daytona 500s, has pled guilty to tax fraud and will be sentenced to some serious prison time next week. 

On Thursday, McClure issued a statement through his lawyer. Among other things, McClure’s mea culpa included the following:

All of our business operations will continue, and we remain very grateful for the members of the community that have supported our business over the years. With the support of my family, friends, church and my deep beliefs in Jesus Christ, we are going to move forward in this matter.

Look, I admit, I’m not a particularly religious guy, so I sincerely apologize if the following offends or otherwise particularly annoys anyone; still, I’m forced to wonder … where, exactly, was McClure’s faith in Jesus when he figured it would be okay to cheat on his taxes?