Japanese Bomb Pearl Harbor! US Declares War!!


Look, I know it’s a slow in NASCAR right now — believe me, I know: I tried to convince my bosses to let me post random thoughts on the dangerous rise in greenhouse gas emissions and the likely impact on the reproductive cycle of the Himalayan marmot, a cute, fuzzy little creature apparently related to the squirrel. For some reason, my bosses balked. Go figure.

Anyway. The economy sucks, testing was cancelled, people are getting fired, teams are folding or on virtual life support. And if they’re not folding, they’re praying they can find a white knight and merge with another team. Oh, and the economy sucks.

Um, hello? This has been the status quo in NASCAR for, what? Six months?

Apparently, someone didn’t get the memo and decided that now was the time to pen a groundbreaking report …