Jeff Gordon celebrated his 38th birthday on Saturday night at Lily Pond in East Hampton, N.Y. The Hamptons are where New York City’s elite go to play during the summer. It’s the type of place where, if you’re lucky, you could spy David Lee Roth and Paul McCartney trading cucumber sandwich recipes in the produce aisle of the local organic market. According to the New York Daily News, Gordon celebrated with red velvet cake. (Probably not the same cake pictured above, which appears to be on fire for some reason.) Gordon’s birthday was August 4. He was born in 1971.

This is what a Lily Pond looks like in The Hamptons

How does a Jeff Gordon kick back? According to Citysearch, Lily Pond has an elevated stage in the back of the interior that features notable performers and DJs on summer weekends. Extras include cabanas that line the lawn, which are both volume and temperature controlled. As this is the New York scene, there is a VIP area. It is exactly the type of place models and Wall Street types flock to while summering away from Manhattan. (In other words, it’s the kind of place you and I make fun of.)

Here are a few priceless reviews of Lily Pond from people who posted reviews on Citysearch. Applebee’s it is not. My comments are in italics.

"You wait outside hoping to get picked, by a not so fabulous host (or door person) and when you finally do get in, you realize that it is nothing more than overindulged 20 something year olds."

Are we sure this wasn’t Kyle Busch’s birthday party?

"Only go if you weight under 100 … Face control here is ridiculous and absolutely stupid."

That means Mark Martin would be the only driver allowed in.

"I am 115 pounds and they still let me in ๐Ÿ˜‰ The club was packed but everyone was very curtious and friendly and my drinks got to me very promptly. Everyone was dressed very nicely and the age range was very extensive. From 21-45..I would imagine."

Oops, spoke too soon, Mr. Martin. Sorry.

NASCAR’s Gordon enjoys red velvet cake (New York Daily News)

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