The blogosphere has discovered a 2007 YouTube video of Jeremy Mayfield blowing stuff up. NASCAR says Mayfield has tested positive for meth twice. Mayfield said he has never taken meth. The 2007 clip, which is from an ESPN program, will not help the perception that Mayfield is a meth head from Kentucky who has more family drama than your average Tennessee Williams play. In the video, a fast-talking Mayfield does his best Hunter S. Thompson impersonation as he enthusiastically sets off small explosions, tries to scare someone who is shooting a gun, explodes a gas can and blows up a watermelon. Mayfield does not come across as the model of sensibility when he attempts to eat the watermelon shards. In Mayfield’s defense, his wife Shana claims that blowing things up is a tradition that dates back to Mayfield’s childhood.

Said Shana about Mayfield’s explosive hobby, "It was fun for the first two or three weeks and now he’s just absolutely about to drive me crazy. He’s just got so much energy built up inside him. He’s definitely a little bored."

Read that comment any way you like.

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In the next video Mayfield and his father-in-law try to build an airboat. It does not go well.