Jimmie Johnson stars in a comedy video on the Web site Funny Or Die. In the video, Johnson teaches non-NASCAR champions how to succeed in life by "Winning at Confidence." Former NFL player Jason Sehorn and musician Nick Lachey make cameo appearances. The piece has all of the charm and production value of a late-night television commercial, which is what makes it work. The fact that it stars Johnson is almost shocking. Maybe we should take back our recent post about Johnson having all the personality of a lug nut. (Nah.)


According to Chad Carter, who wrote the script, Johnson approached Funny or Die. "We talked about a few ideas and this one won out," Carter said. "I think the idea just came from his winning record, and imagining what he does to maintain his edge. Then putting it in the world of direct commercials."

Funny or Die is the comedy Web site founded by "Talladega Nights" director Adam McKay and actor Will Ferrell. Many actors and athletes appear in viral videos that are posted on the site.

"It was something outside of my comfort zone and really a lot of fun to do,” Johnson said at Chicagoland Speedway. "Ultimately, the fans will decide if it’s funny or if it should die.

"It’s just a bunch of stupid stuff that makes it funny and different. I don’t claim to be a comedian, and I’m sure there are funnier pieces that run on there. But it’s had a very warm reception and it was fun to do.”

Johnson loosens up with video (AP)

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