Sabrina Simpson poses alongside Will Smith at an event for "Seven Pounds," a movie that, contrary to popular belief, was not based on Joey Logano’s weight.

Joey Logano found Victory Lane in New Hampshire, which means it’s time for us to find his girlfriend. Sadly, there is very little evidence of her existence. This is what we do know: Her name is Sabrina Simpson and she and Logano met, according to ESPN The Magazine, at "an event."

From The Magazine piece, which featured interviews with Logano’s friends Marc Davis and Chase Austin:

His friends often bail him out in social situations. "I’m, like, constantly telling him what he needs to do," Austin says. "We went to a teen club one night, and I was his Hitch. Joey doesn’t know how to dance, so I was telling him, ‘Just move, and keep your elbows at 90 degrees.’"

But for every girl he missed out on in high school, there are two more at the track. And a lot of them know what to do, like Joey’s new girlfriend, who approached him at an event and already has the Mom-Chase-Marc triple seal of approval. Even so, her presence (he won’t reveal her name), along with Logano’s packed schedule, means even less time for friends.

Three more photos of Logano and his girlfriend are posted below.



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