John Cena is a NASCAR Fan, Dammit

There’s some irony to WWE star John Cena appearing on NASCAR Now Thursday. There’s the obvious — the occasionally-offered argument that NASCAR and professional wrestling are both staged entertainments. And the more subtle — though Cena denies steroid use, he did gain fame and fortune in a drug-addled culture, a potential black eye from which NASCAR has aggressively distanced itself.

And while I understand that Disney and ESPN are brilliant marketers and that having Cena appear is logical cross promotion, this one seemed fairly shaky — according to host Mike Massaro, not only is Cena friends with Carl Edwards (above), but he wouldn’t be on the show if he wasn’t a fan of the sport. 

Oh. I guess Eunice from Crested Butte will be on next week?

I’d link to the clip here, but I have visions of a battalion of blonde, blue-eyed, Pepsident-smile Disney/ESPN lawyers dropping the hammer on me if I do. But in my effort to provide you with video evidence that wouldn’t result in a nasty cease-and-desist letter, I did come across this mystifying-but-funny clip that includes Cena and NASCAR.