I Just Want A Race…Like They Have at Martinsville


I suppose I have to give NASCAR credit for trying. They’ve tweaked the rules and they’ve tweaked the rules nine ways to Sunday, all in the name of putting on a good event. There are those who have followed the series longer than this fan, but even in the decade that yours truly has been producing his thoughts for public consumption, there has been a dizzying array of changes. It doesn’t seem from here, all the changes have produced a desirable effect.

For me, it’s real simple. I just want a race.

One thing you have to love about this Sunday, is that Martinsville is a reminder of what racing was, and what it can be. An old short track, Martinsville is a throwback. It often produces full contact racing on a funky, paper clip looking oval, free from discussions that include words and phrases like “aero,” and “clean air.” Isn’t that refreshing?

When a driver wins at Martinsville, he knows he’s accomplished something. It’s a test of survival and skill. Somehow, you’ve got to make 500 circuits around a half-mile track with close to 40 other drivers, and somehow get to that checkered flag first. Technology and mechanics still figure in, but the driver is paramount.

Give this fan some hard, side-by-side racing and really doesn’t matter so much whether his favorite has a “good points day” or not. Such famed drivers as Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Matt Kenseth may well be out of the running for a championship, but you had better believe that if they win here, racing in 2017 for them was worth it.

It’s the racing NASCAR! It’s what happens on the track that matters, not what happens on a points sheet. Give us some good racing, and you can use any points system you want.

Martinsville is a reminder of that.