Kasey Kahne has called bull@#$t on NASCAR. In doing so he has given legitimacy to fan complaints that NASCAR calls phantom debris cautions to liven up lackluster races. On Sunday Kahne was upset with a caution that led to a restart in which he was wrecked. It ocurred during what was at that time a snoozer of a race.

Said Kahne, "We worked hard all day, got ourselves in a good position. I think it was going to be a good points day, and NASCAR threw a debris caution for no debris, which caused Kurt Busch to hit the wall, which caused me to go to the grass and Greg Biffle. And from there, that caused the whole next wreck on the front stretch. It’s disappointing that we had a bad race because of a caution to put a show on for the fans. That’s a good part of the sport, we have to keep the fans excited, but sometimes it ruins people’s days, and today it was our day."

As Jay Busbee correctly pointed out, "The phantom cautions are a Band-Aid when NASCAR’s on-track racing needs major surgery … or maybe a chainsaw."

I vote chainsaw.

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