Kelly Bires Looks on the Bright Side of Life

I want some of whatever it is Kelly Bires has. Seriously.

Just about the same time the kid cobbles together a deal that gives him a shot to qualify for the Daytona 500, Bires finds out he’s lost what he thought was a fairly solid Nationwide Series deal with JTG Daugherty Racing. Penthouse, meet Outhouse.

If this is me, I’m going home and kicking the crap out of my dog. And the 24-year-old Bires? What does he do? Apparently, he doesn’t kick the dog.
Instead, the still-wet-behind-the-ears Bires looks at the situation calmly and rationally, further pissing off people with issues of misplaced anger and resentment: "We could go there and run like crap, or we could go and run well and surprise a lot of people," the far too mature Bires told Dave Kallmann of The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "Anything beyond making the show is an added bonus."

Nothing like being outclassed by a kid …

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