Kevin Harvick And “Windowgate”- Clever


“Well now…..what do we have here?” When my kids or my students hear me utter this phrase, they know they’re busted. Sunday- right in front of God and everybody- Kevin Harvick had a pretty noticeable indentation on his rear window during the race at Las Vegas.

It has everybody talking today. Kevin Harvick has more than his share of defenders. I have to admit- if I were a crew chief, I’d be thinking, “Damn. Why didn’t I think of that?” Of course, the four team has that sheepish Jim Halpert look, like “Who? Me?” with raised palms.

I’m pretty certain that a number of competitors are firing eye darts at Chase Elliott and Alan Gustafson. You can hear them thinking, “Shut up! I wanted to try that at Phoenix!” Of course, as gamesmanship goes, they had to point it out.

If you’re NASCAR, what are you going to do? You can encumber the win, but Kevin Harvick already qualified for the playoffs with his win at Atlanta. Let’s also not forget that the four car passed pre and post race inspections.

You get the feeling what will likely happen is that NASCAR will wave their bony finger and says, “Now stop that boys.” One more rule to be mindful of.

Of course, there are others who would argue for docking playoff points, fines and maybe even a suspension for crew chief Rodney Childers. There’s little doubt that the boys at Stewart-Haas found an advantage for Kevin Harvick. The question is one of the rules and where this fits into said rules.

Some of this is driven by personality. If you know me well, then you know I think Kevin Harvick is a tool on the track. On more than one occasion, I had hoped someone would feed him a knuckle sandwich. I get that this isn’t an especially popular point of view, and I expect that. With that having been said, I wink in the direction of Rodney Childers and company and say “well played.” If were up to me, I’d grant teams a little more latitude.