You asked. The King answered.

A few weeks ago All Left Turns ran a contest in which we asked you to submit questions for Richard Petty. The prizes were provided by STP, which is marking the 25th anniversary of Petty’s 200th win. We passed your questions along to Petty. And Petty sent his answers back. Enjoy!

Of course, he would!
From lizard6:
Do you think the racing was better back when you were racing or now?
Petty: I’m biased but I think racing was better back when I was a driver. 

That thing need a HEMI?
From PT: Do you ever wish they’d bring back the HEMI into NASCAR again?
Petty: No, I don’t miss the HEMI. The motors today are better than what they were in the past. The HEMI was just popular in its day.

True that
From anonymous: What do you think of Kyle Busch as a driver and as a person?
Petty: Kyle Busch is a super good race car driver with a not so super attitude.

Yo, "anonymous" and "PT," who are you? Send me your e-mail addresses. I need to mail you your prizes. Thanks to our winners for playing, and thanks to Petty for making time for our readers.