New Formula 1 Team Interested in Kyle Busch?

Of all the hare-brained, asinine, downright idiotic things I’ve read in my life, I think this one takes the cake. According to a report at, AJ AllmendingerKyle Busch, and Scott Speed (and Danica Patrick, but I digress) are among those being considered to drive for a new, US-based Formula 1 team.

Let’s ignore for a moment just how sketchy the whole item is — of course, saying that a "motor sport writer for the Toronto Star claims Kyle Busch – also a NASCAR driver – should be ‘a shoo-in’ for a USF1 seat" is a bit like saying Michael Schumacher (photo above) should be a shoo-in; well, of course Schuey’s a shoo-in for a seat … but it ain’t happenin’.

Now, Allmendinger, with no long-term NASCAR committment in place, and Speed, who has F1 experience (albeit not good) make a certain sense. But Busch? Sorry, but that piece of spaghetti definitely does not stick to the wall. 

Kyle Busch has kicked NASCAR ass and taken NASCAR names. He won eight Sprint Cup, 10 Nationwide, and 98 Truck Series races in 2008. At 23-years-old, he has already earned more money than he can spend in two lifetimes. But, and this is perhaps the most important, he has a legitimate chance to stamp himself one of the best damn drivers to come along in NASCAR in 30 years — he’s going to toss all that aside and cast his lot with a fledgling team in a sport where virtually no American not named Mario Andretti has accomplished a damn thing? Sounds credible to me!

But, the item does include the following qualifier: The team has yet to speak to any drivers.

Wow — for a minute there, I thought Rowdy might be a goner!