Kyle Busch: The Gift That Keeps on Giving!

Lordy, but Kyle Busch makes me happy.

Last week, his people alerted the world that in six short months, Busch’s No. 18 Toyota will feature a "Transformers 2" paint scheme at Infineon. In so doing, I’ve been given a legitimate reason to plaster Megan Fox’s photo all over this site at least 1,978 times between now and June 21st.

Infreakingexplicably, my short-sighted, narrow-minded, hypocritical bosses read me the riot act when I informed them of my plan to go All Megan, I mean, hit the roof — this is a site about NASCAR, a place for fans of the sport to go for the unvarnished truth, blah … blah … blah. No, right, I get it. NASCAR fans hate — just loathe! — ogling hot women.

Whatever. They pay the bills, I got mouths to feed. You want me to steer clear of gratuitous shots of the hottest woman this side of Eve? Fine. You butter my bread.

And then, Busch ups and wins a race on Sunday. Yes, it was a small race at a small track in Georgia, but, dammit, he won. And, really, that’s all the excuse I need to remind you, dear reader, that Kyle Busch and his No. 18 Toyota will feature a "Transformers 2" paint scheme at Infineon in June. And, if you haven’t heard, this movie stars a young lady, appropriately named Fox

I can speak neither for my bosses nor for NASCAR fans in general, but, me, I’m hoping Busch equals and betters last year’s early-season dominance, thus obliging me to remind everyone as often as possible about that pesky "Transformers 2" paint scheme.