Kyle Busch, it would appear that someone is pouring a foreign liquid into that NOS energy drink bottle. Hmmmm. What, exactly, is going on here? Why would anyone refill an empty energy drink bottle? I wonder, I wonder. Video below.

According to YouTube user 88Racinamp (that wouldn’t be a Junior fan’s handle, would it?) this happened right after Busch’s win at Bristol. Busch, of course, is sponsored by NOS. What do you think is going on here?
UPDATE: Busch public relations rep Bill Janitz e-mailed me and said, "He already drank the NOS, so it was filled with Pedialyte for re-hydration. We were out of NOS for nascar victory lane show so wanted to refill with something. Not too exciting so sorry it couldn’t be anything more fun than that! When you run 500 laps at Bristol, you need to get re-hydrated!"
Thanks for clearing that up, Bill. 88Racinamp will be so disappointed.