One of the best things about the Internet, if you’re a NASCAR fan, is that you can use it to find any piece of merchandise you want.  If you want a complete set of 1991 Maxx race cards or a die-cast replica of your favorite driver’s car, all you have to do is go to eBay and search.  However, there are some items up for auction that make me wonder about any buyer’s sanity.  I have gathered some of the strangest below.

TrackVac Robotic Vacuum
Nothing goes together like vacuum cleaners and NASCAR.  It makes me wonder if the marketing genius who came up with this one was reminded of racing as he watched the little robotic disk circle the room and pass by the cat, the kitchen table and the refrigerator.  If said marketing genius had really been thinking, he would have realized that there is no passing in the Sprint Cup anymore and licensed this product to a golf series.


GASCAR Farting Fan

If you have a decal on your car that shows Calvin urinating or have a singing rubber bass hanging in your home, this item is for you.



For those who dig stock car racing and garden gnomes, I have some great news for you.  Now you can decorate your garden with a gnome decked out in your favorite driver’s garb.  Life’s a garden – dig it.


Misleading Richmond ticket auction

This is the breast – I mean best – NASCAR ticket auction I came across.  Better pack a sweater for a night race in Virginia, as I hear it gets pretty nippley, I mean nippy, in September.  And yes, I have seen National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation one too many times.


Clint Bowyer Cornhole Beanbags

Only $33 plus shipping and handling?


Juan Pablo Montoya nesting dolls

So, you already have a Jeff Gordon glass dolphin and a Reed Sorenson ceramic unicorn – what do you get next?  A miniature No. 18 war wagon or that Precious Moments figurine of Tony Stewart kissing Miss Sprint Cup?  Better yet, how about a set of Juan Pablo Montoya Russian nesting dolls?  Get yours today!


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