Last Minute NASCAR Holiday Gifts


Should we have started shopping by now?

Not even the best shipping deal can save you at this point. So if you haven’t gotten that loved one or person you don’t like but have to buy gifts for anyway because someone is making your, here are some nice things you can package together to make the 2014 Sprint Cup season that much better.

The Gift of Patience:

There are several exciting drivers getting ready to make an impact on NASCAR. Austin Dillon will bring back the #3. Chase Elliott is making waves at Daytona. Ricky Stenhouse Jr. has a year of experience under his belt. Kyle Larson could make some waves.All have potential. All need seasoning. Patience and perspective are free and might make 2014 easier to watch for fans of NASCAR’s youth movement.

If Zen doesn’t work, here are three items for those embracing materialism

Jimmie Johnson Spatula:

This is what happens when you search “Crazy Jimmie Johnson Gifts and Amazon.” This won’t arrive on time. Print the photo, wrap it in a box, and watch the magic.

Go Plate:

Go Plate

This is what appears on Amazon when doing a deeper search under NASCAR and food. Why wait it long lines at Martinsville when you can stack 12 hot dogs in here. Why didn’t I think of this?

NASCAR Gas Pump/Beverage Dispenser



This is why you should shop early. While currently on back order, it will get you and your family thinking about staying hydrated. That might make the holidays far more enjoyable. It certainly will make watching some of the NBA games more enjoyable.

You can’t control when Christmas comes or when Daytona arrives. You can be prepared and splurge on really fast shipping. Enjoy the season, the swag and the reason we all celebrate.