Just because you’re heading to the beach this summer doesn’t mean you have to leave all your favorite racing action behind. Publisher Harlequin Inc., has issued a brand-new series of NASCAR-commissioned romance novels just for you. Here are some of the season’s most-anticipated titles. 
Burn Rubber
As a free-spirited Goodyear tire scientist, Denise Madison felt like she’d been locked away in a lab wasting the best years of her life. Josh Ford was a by-the-book NASCAR safety committee member – until he met her. Their love was forbidden by safety committee bylaws, but neither of them could deny the sparks when their tires burst with passion. When the press starts asking questions about these tread-crossed lovers, trackside temperatures rise. Does their love have enough grip?


Catch Me If You Catch Can

Mike Thomas was just a simple man in Jeff Gordon’s pit crew. Pinot Bordeaux was a movie star watching her first stock car race from the pit box with her millionaire, European boyfriend. In the post-race celebration, she spilled champagne on her dress and he was quick with a napkin. From that first meeting, she was love-struck for him and his big red can. But these lovers find trouble in Turn Two. The night of her big movie première coincides with the last race of the Chase. Now he must choose between the love of his life and the race of a lifetime.


Too Tough To Tame

They had a fling in the summer of 1993, but she could never be pinned down by just one man. Lady Darlington had hosted so many winners in her victory lane, Buddy Rusty worried she would never remember him. Yet he pined for their lost weekend so many years ago. Would Darlington, a racetrack with a checkered-flag past, rekindle their old passion and guide him to victory lane? Does the old vet Rusty have one more lap left for love? Or will he leave as just another loser who got tagged with the "Darlington Stripe"?


Mustache Rides One Dollar

She was a high-profile piece of facial hair who wasn’t looking for romance. He was the high-octane president of NASCAR. After fiery romances with Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt Sr., this mustache promised herself she wouldn’t fall for another gearhead. But he also has a secret past. Mike Helton had flirted with a goatee in college, but was too embarrassed to be seen with it in public. This time feels different. Can a mustache and a man truly live together in harmony? Their relationship gets tested in the court of public opinion. Will he go the distance for love?


Bump and Run Draft
To the operators of Concession Stand No. 4 at Pocono Raceway, Bart Richards was just another customer. But he was never one to bump and run to another stand with shorter lines. To him, the Super Double Bratwurst at Stand No. 4 was so much more; it was his one true love. He worshiped 43 drivers, but that brat was his soul mate. When a grease fire destroys most of the condiment cart, Bart’s love is put to the test. Without spicy mustard and extra sauerkraut, will their relationship survive?


Available wherever fine paperback novels are sold. Ask for them by name.