As Old Man Time ushers in a new year, many NASCAR experts look ahead to the 2011 season brimming with possibilities while some look back to the best moments from the past decade or try to classify NASCAR’s sexiest mustaches. All too often the least memorable stories fall through the cracks in the Daytona Speedway, overlooked in favor of exciting or juicy stories.

Here are the least memorable stories of 2010. These stories will go down in the annals of history as the gum stuck to the shoe of NASCAR’s best moments.

No. 5: NASCAR Officials: "Boys, let’s all be polite about it."
This sentiment didn’t get a lot of traction with the fans or in the garage. NASCAR officials incorrectly predicted that fans wanted better-mannered drivers. Drivers who would say "pardon me" while planting a donut on the driver-side door at Bristol or politely wave around drivers who are trying to take the lead. This policy was soon replaced by the more popular "Have At It" slogan.

No. 4: Joey Logano Borrowed Comb And Didn’t Return It
This was pretty much a non-story. One day Joey appeared with a comb, which was very uncharacteristic for him. There was very little discussion about where the comb came from or why Logano had chosen this particular day to use a comb at all. Unfortunately, it should have deserved a lot more attention, the comb belonged to Pamela Anderson and was evidence of their torrid four-week affair.

No. 3: Juan Pablo Montoya
What happened to JPM? After a great 2009 season, Juan Pablo seemed stuck in reverse and could not get it in gear. He won at the Glen and strung together a number of top 10 finishes midway through the season, but finished in 17th and never threatened the Chase. Montoya’s presence on the track and his colorful remarks in interviews were missed by everyone (well, everyone except Bob Greise).

No. 2: Kasey Kahne Finds Nickel at Kansas Speedway
Lost amongst the breaking news of Kahne’s premature departure from RPM was the fact that he found a nickel in the pit stall at Kansas. He was pretty pumped about it and bragged to owner George Gillett about it. Little did Kahne know that Gillett could have really used that nickel. Kahne and Gillett parted ways a week later.

No. 1: Mike Ford Breaks Mirror At Phoenix
This story was so unmemorable that it nearly was forgotten. Mike Ford, crew chief for Denny Hamlin, reportedly broke a mirror, walked under a ladder and ran over a gypsy with his golf cart on the way to the pit box. All of these events are barely worth mentioning and totally unrelated to the FedEx team’s performance in the race and their bad luck with fuel strategy during that critical Chase Race for the Cup.