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1:50 pm

They’re talking fuel strategy on TNT. NASCAR ’09 – feel the excitement!

2:12 pm

If you want to watch the Buckcherry "Highway Star" video they just played on TNT, go here. It’s pretty good.

2:20 pm

And we’re underway at Michigan. I like the TNT coverage. Lots of action. Good features. Not too much talking. The pacing is good.

2:30 pm

I am keeping an eye on Jeff Gordon. He started at the back of the field, but he is using his winning car from Texas.

2:40 pm

Kurt Busch pulls into second. He is not only 14 miles behind leader Jimmie Johnson.

2:59 pm

Sorry about that. Just posted video of the Johnny Benson crash. The fire was pretty horrific. Here’s hoping Benson is OK.

3:11 pm

Jimmie Johnson is seven seconds ahead of the field. What if the entire race was run under green? I want to see this, just for the sheer chaos it would cause. Come on, chaos. The worse things get, the quicker NASCAR will move to fix what is wrong. I hope. And just as I write this – caution. The dream is over.

3:35 pm

Sun/clouds main factor in today’s race so far. Sigh.

3:52 pm

Debris caution. Leaders can finish the race with one more stop. Will probably take an act of God to keep JJ from winning. 78 laps to go.

4:12 pm

JJ still in the lead with 51 to go. Pit stops coming up. Will the end of the race be more exciting than the start? Man, I hope so. On the plus side, lots of drivers you usually don’t see in the top 15 running well, and Junior’s team looks competent. So there’s that.

Oh, and the new TNT show Hawthorne looks like it was written by the Hollywood Scriptatron 8000. Totally generic and predictable. What’s it going to cover that ER hasn’t? It’s like making a cop drama after The Wire and The Shield. There’s no point. Make a show about something else.

Come on, race. Give me something else to write about!

4:22 pm

Crew chiefs are going to try to gamble on fuel. This should make things interesting. Great shots by TNT of drivers saving fuel during caution. Cool glimpse inside the cab of drivers’ executing fuel-saving strategies.

4:35 pm

We’re … talking … fuel strategy!

4:40 pm

JJ chasing Biffle. Last pit stop was huge. Both cars might be slowing down to conserve fuel.

4:47 pm

10 to go and it looks like a battle between Biffle and JJ.

4:52 pm

Great ending to a humdrum race! I take back all of my fuel strategy mockery.

4:53 pm

JJ out of fuel! Martin passes Biffle. Martin wins!