All-Star race live-blog…

All Times Eastern

8:52 pm
Hey, everyone. I am live-blogging the race. Feel free to leave comments here, e-mail me at, message me at or IM me at joebreak23.

9:02 pm
This is the one All-Star event in sports where the competitors actually try. Which is what makes it fun to watch. Wait. Did Joe Gibbs just work a plug for intelligent design into his invocation? I think he did.

9:15 pm
Waiting for race to start. Saw Star Trek last night. Great film. I have a thing for the green chick now. Wow. Green skin and red hair – underrated. Great action, good humor and lots of nods to the old show. Also, Leonard Nimoy should be in more movies.

9:20 pm
Race is underway. JJ out front. Rowdy goes high like he has all season.

9:25 pm
What will we miss during this commercial break? Crash? Unexpected pit? Reinstatement of Jeremy Mayfield? It’s always something this season.

9:34 pm
First pit stop. JJ and Gordon in and out nicely. Rowdy overshot his pit.

9:46 pm
JJ, Kurt, J. Gordon at 50-lap mark. Lots of talent out front. Should be a great final 50.

9:53 pm
Was JJ messing with Knaus? Or did he literally not know how many laps were left in the race?

10:03 pm
Mark Martin’s going to come up at the end and steal this thing. Watch.

10:11 pm
JJ seriously has no idea how long this race is. He is either completely focused or oblivious.

10:14 pm
Hornish Jr. took out Biffle. Biffle taking it well. He’s done for the day.

10:18 pm
It is totally possible that Jimmie Johnson will pit any moment from now thinking that the race is over.

10:31 pm
Break insights: Junior does not want a hot dog. Rowdy is not getting out of the car, which he has no confidence in. This would probably be the wrong time to ask Jeff Gordon about The National Enquirer report that his wife wants him to quit racing.

10:42 pm
Rowdy is bold. But what’s new? JJ spins. But in all fairness, he might have thought this was the spinning segment of the race.

10:45 pm
Rowdy makes the move of the night on the restart. Wow. Just – wow. Why does nobody else do this?

10:49 pm
J. Gordon gets spun out three wide with Newman and Rowdy. Rowdy was very lucky on that. Could have spun easily. Bad break for J. Gordon.

10:57 pm
Rowdy and Newman 1-2 with eight laps to go, which should take about 45 minutes to complete.

11:06 pm
Tony Stewart passes Matt Kenseth on the second-last lap to win his first All-Star race and race of the season.