Coca-Cola 600 live-blog, let’s try this again…

All Times Eastern

12:04 pm

Hey, everyone. I am live-blogging the race. Feel free to leave comments here, e-mail me at, message me at or AIM me at joebreak23.

12:05 pm

Can’t they get more cans of Coke on that desk? Come on FOX, step it up.

12:12 pm

Race is underway! Hold off, rain.

12:27 pm

Joey Logano could win a race this season. He’s been up front a lot lately. Sliced Bread turned 19 yesterday. Easy to see why Gibbs is so heavily invested in him.

12:37 pm

In case you were wondering, and this seems to be a major issue in a race chat I am monitoring, the race is on FOX.

12:41 pm

The most exciting words in motorsports: competition yellow!

12:54 pm

FOX must be listening to its critics. It’s showing cars that are not at the front of the pack. Good to see some variety. Every fan likes seeing his/her driver during the race.

12:59 pm

It’s official: Jimmie Johnson’s two-tire strategy is a bust. The rare bad move by Chad Knaus. Caution here helps him.

1:12 pm

Red flag: Thunderstorm.

1:18 pm

Let’s kill some time. Found this over at the humor site Holy Taco. If you like nut shots, you will love this. Enjoy.

1:40 pm

In honor of Memorial Day, how about the 10 Greatest War Movie Quotes of all time?

1:57 pm

Is this for real?

Amazing Loop-De-Loop Car Stunt – Watch more Funny Videos

 2:11 pm

Was hoping the rain would drown Digger. Green flag and back underway at the Coca-Cola 120. You heard me.

2:24 pm

My 2006 Ford Focus handles better than the 88 car.

2:42 pm says 10 percent chance of rain this hour. Let’s hope that’s true. Busch-Vickers 1-2 at lap 135.

2:55 pm

Vickers-Montoya. Who had them at 1-2 heading into the race? Not … anyone.

3 pm

Cars being brought in to honor fallen soldiers. A nice gesture. Very patriotic. NASCAR does these things right.

3:05 pm

That was an awesome sight. If you hadn’t thought about what Memorial Day actually meant before, you did just now.

3:27 pm

This race is so long, even Sarah Jessica Parker’s face is like, "Damn, this thing’s pretty freaking long." Good night, everyone! Tip your waiters and waitresses. They’re here for you.

3:42 pm

Billy Bad Butt? Smoke has a way with words.

3: 50 pm

And we’re green again. Shrub-JJ-Kahne-Edwards Logano at lap 182.

4 pm

22 hours after the race was scheduled to start, we are finally official.

4:09 pm

Caution is out for rain here at 24 Hours of Lowe’s.

4:37 pm

Great rain-delay time-waster:

4:55 pm

And, of course, the ultimate rain-delay distraction:

5:08 pm

That’s it for today’s live-blog. Will post a race summary and crash videos later. Thanks for sticking with me!