Coca-Cola 600 live-blog…

All Times Eastern

2:33 pm
Hey, everyone. I am live-blogging the race. Feel free to leave comments here, e-mail me at, message me at or AIM me at joebreak23.

2:57 pm

Weather will be a factor. Reports of ominous clouds off turns 1 and 2.

3:04 pm

Greg Biffle wears braces. What is hot on a 20-something chick does not work for men. The same applies for clothes with animal print and Tina Fey glasses. These are the things we will be discussing if this thing is delayed by rain.

3:13 pm

Hearing this could be a two-hour delay. Wish FOX would address this.

3:20 pm

Chicago Cubs fans know how to do rain delays. Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis has entered the building.


3:35 pm

One benefit of the rain delay: More Krista Voda. We put together a little photo spread this week here. Best shot is the last one.

3:50 pm

This is what happens when fans are left to entertain themselves during rain delays. Chaos ensues.

 4:05 pm

It’s not a rain delay, but check out the wheels on this dude.

 4:20 pm

ESPN rain delay video below. Hope this provides temporary relief from this American Dad incest episode.

 4:50 pm

Still here. Will resume live-blog when FOX returns to coverage at the track.

 5:29 pm

Race delayed until noon Eastern Monday. Thanks for everyone who hung with me today.