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Worried that Race Buddy is the new Digger.  But very excited about the Tricky Triangle.  This race should be great.

Gentlemen Start Your Engines! A recap of all the possible ways to say the most famous words in motorsports.


Denny Hamlin has engine trouble.  Let’s see how the new double file restarts work out. I’m loving the coverage from TNT so far, what do folks think?

I’m listening to the NASCAR trackpass (the online service that allows you to hear the chatter between drivers/spotters and crew chiefs).  So far the only breaking news is that Matt Kenseth’s spotter thinks he’s doing a "good job" and that he’s "clear of the 31."

Listening to Mark Martin’s radio, there was some confusion as to where to line up on with the new restart system.  As noted on the broadcast, the drivers have to line up behind the guy two places in front of them.

Stewart jumps 21 spots in 21 laps.  In terms of who to keep an eye on:
here are the fastest qualifying at Happy Hour
#11 Hamlin – 165.317mph
#39 Newman – 165.213
#16 Biffle – 165.210
#33 Bowyer – 165.080
#48 Johnson – 165.017
#14 Stewart (backup car)
thanks jayski

Listening to Harvick’s radio.  He says the car is really coming to him now and expects to move up. 

Love the racing up front: Biffle, Edwards, Johnson.  For a second I thought Biffle wouldn’t help out his teammate to get upfront, but now the Roush boys are up there.

My girlfriend’s in-depth anaysis of the race at the quarter-mark: ‘I like the pop tarts car.  It’s colorful.’  There you have it, Mark Martin is the projected winner.  It’s good thing for Mark there are no Muppet cars today

pictured is Dale Jarrett’s old 88

Very cool to see Sterling Marlin in the race.  I always remeber Marlin climbing out of his car at the Daytona 500 to fix his fender on a red flag.

Taste of the past: from 2002 when Marlin drove to two wins in five races

Marlin’s quote when he was penalized for climbing out of his car on the track durning the red flag at Daytona: ‘I saw Dale Earnhardt do it at Richmond one time. I figured I could still get out and do it, but they must have changed the rule in between.’ It should be noted it was said with a very cheeky grin.

Is anyone watching the race via Yahoo’s live feed?  The four camera setup is pretty sweet (assuming that you have that open in another window while checking in on allleftturns)

My girlfriend’s analysis of the race so far: ‘My favorite part was Ryan Reynolds.’  Mark Martin is still her favorite to win.  Not to discredit her as a NASCAR expert, but she also thinks "pit road" is "pit row, like skid row"

Is Ryan Newman’s trouble a sign of trouble for Tony?  Sounds like a fuel issue which might just be his car.

Tony Stewart is the fastest car in the top 15 right now.  He’s turning in laps at 160.04 where the leader Edwards is 156.9

Breaking news from #42 Juan Pablo Montoya’s spotter: ‘You’re doing good.  Still clear."

Does anyone else think Carl Edwards made his extra pit stop just to catch the eye of pit road reporter Lindsay Czarniak?

I heard on the scanner that Biffle lamented not pitting when Johnson did, but is now relived when he heard about the "pit road closed"

Here we go.  Double file restarts!  I think this is my prefered type of restart (and I will continue to think this is a good idea until my favorite driver is a lap down and has to start in the back).

You may notice that you haven’t heard from Dale Jr. yet today, that’s because he drove through a star-trek-like warm hole and was transported to a little league game in Poughkeepsie, NY (even with his height advantage, Dale Jr. is currently last in the batting order for the little league team).

Ambrose just gave Reutimann a little kiss on the side door.  That’s how I drive when I’m playing xbox.  Anyone have a favorite track when playing NASCAR video game?  I’m a fan of Martinsville (great tight turns).

Listening to Dale Jr.’s radio for about ten mintues and it’s all weather-talk.  Not a good sign for your day when the most pressing matter to talk about is ‘will rain end this race early?’  Kinda like a kid hoping for a snow day from school. 

Too bad for Kurt Busch (no power steering, belts came off). Also, Gordan radio’d to say his car is ‘junk.’ 

I think phrases like "things are really crazy in Johnson’s pit box" should be reserved for really crazy situations like "Aliens have attacked Johnson’s jack man with a laser gun" or "Chad Kanus just revealed he had a sex change operation and now has a body like Hallie Berry’s."

Weather update: Just a taste of rain on the grounds of Pocono.  Currently no rain, and it appears it won’t be a factor.

Most of the time, if you ask me, I’d tell you ‘I’m tight in the corners.’

Listening to Robby Gordon’s radio.  He is planning to not top off on fuel because he’s predicting more yellow flag stops because guys are going to start to battle for position.

Jeff Gordon has previously won this race with "rain strategy." My girlfriend’s expert analysis on the pit strategy with the rain: ‘The geico lizard has a little suit that is too cute.’  Since there is no geico car, I’m going to assume that she likes Edwards’ chance to win since he is also driving a car sponored by an insurance company.

33 laps to go!  Now we’re going to see some racing (and by racing, I mean all the front cars in single file line evenly spaced by a couple car links).

All the leaders are running about 4mph faster than they were 100 laps ago.  Maybe they are all in a hurry to get home for the Tony Awards (8pm on CBS)?

19 to go!  …And Pocono is still delievering action-packed racing (by racing I still mean a group of cars in a single file line evenly spaced by several car links).  Fuel strategy might make this interesting.

15 to go! Can you taste the fuel strategy excitement?

10 to go!  Radio chatter infers that Edwards and Johnson are going to try to make it without a pitstop.

I don’t like TNT going to commercial with ten laps to go.  Kasey Kane gave up a top 5 spot for pit road, but we didn’t get to hear the radio chatter.  Going to commerical there is like pulling a Heidi Bowl.

5 to go! I love it.  Gordon is going to put it to the leaders.

3 to go!  Ricky Rudd reference!  The race is nearly exciting.  Fuel strategy may still make this a race!

Last lap.  Fuel saving excitement!

Tony Stewart wins!  It got exciting right at the end there.  Good race everyone.  Drive home safe.


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